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Asphalt Mix Plant In Thailand

2022-04-28 16:13:07

To buy asphalt mix plant in thailand, we suggest you to select China asphalt mixing plant manufacturer to save cost. For asphalt mixing plant, the asphalt mixer and burner are the key parts, they mainly determines the productivity and efficiency of asphalt mixing equipment. No mater small model or large model asphalt mix plant equipment, Haomei Machinery can meet your requirement. Haomei Machinery offer 40-400 ton per hour asphalt mixing plant, with batch type, drum type, stationary type, mobile type, hot mix type, cold mix type and so on.

asphalt mix plant in thailand


Determining the material is a necessary stage in the design process of asphalt mix plant in thailand, and it is also one of the key links, because the material will be directly related to the use effect and service life of the entire asphalt mixing plant equipment. Generally, when we determine the material of the machine, we usually take the characteristics of the working medium as the basis, of course, the same is true for asphalt mixing plant equipment. Therefore, professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer will indicate the equipment material on the data of asphalt mixing plant, conversely, small asphalt mix plant do not indicate that, so we should pay attention on this item.

If there are no special requirements, similar stirring equipment is made of carbon steel, which can be suitable for most working conditions, as long as the temperature is not higher than 350 ℃, and the price is relatively low. However, the asphalt mix plant in thailand cannot use this material. Asphalt is a material with very good temperature, it does not meet the high temperature resistance, and the corrosion resistance of carbon steel is poor. In view of the above requirements, asphalt mixing plant made of stainless steel or glass-lined can be used. But no matter which type, there are finer material classification, so the specific model should be determined according to its own stirring conditions, stirring temperature and corrosiveness.

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