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Mobile Asphalt Mix Plant

2022-04-21 17:26:29

The mobile asphalt mix plant is used to mix asphalt concrete. It requires combined installation and debugging. It is generally not moved until a project lot is completed. It can be mixed to produce different grades of asphalt concrete finished materials. It is used in highways, graded roads, municipal roads and airports. For long distance road construction, a mobile asphalt mixing plant is better than stationary asphalt mixing plant.

mobile asphalt mix plant

The stability and reliability of mobile asphalt mix plant play a crucial role in the progress, quality and economic benefits of asphalt pavement projects. Asphalt mixing plant equipment is equipment with a relatively high degree of mechanical and electrical integration, with a complex control system, which can effectively improve the reliability of equipment operation. The operator of mobile asphalt plant should fully perform inspection, maintenance and maintenance work.

At present, when preparing asphalt mixture, two methods are usually used. One is to use a fixed asphalt mixing plant for batching in the material yard, and then transport the prepared asphalt material to the construction site by a transport vehicle. In this way, the asphalt mixing plant does not need to be moved, but requires vehicles to transport the prepared materials to the construction site, increasing the transportation cost, and the efficiency is relatively low. The other is to transport each part of the asphalt mixing plant to the construction site separately, and then assemble the parts together at the construction site. In this way, each part needs to be pulled to the construction site for assembly again. After the construction is completed, it is split and pulled back, which increases the workload and labor intensity, and the efficiency in the preparation stage is low. And the mobile asphalt mix plant show great advantage in different construction site transportation, different models can cover your project requirement.

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