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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Process

2022-05-13 15:13:04

The asphalt drum mix plant process including cold aggregate distribution system, feeding belt, drying drum, asphalt supply system, combustion system, finished product silo, dust removal system, central control system. Asphalt mixing plant is a very important part of highway construction, mainly divided into forced batch type asphalt mixing plant and continuous drum asphalt mixing plant. Compared with the forced batch asphalt mixing plant, the continuous drum asphalt mixing plant has many advantages, but due to the limitations of early technological development, the continuous drum asphalt mixing plant has defects. It makes users and people in the highway industry generally believe that continuous drum mixing equipment is not suitable for application in highway construction. With the improvement of continuous drum mixing plant equipment technology and the development of highways, especially with the early arrival of the overhaul period of the built highway, and the increasingly high social requirements for environmental protection performance and energy consumption rate, make continuous drum mix asphalt plant equipment gradually enter the market.

asphalt drum mix plant process

Asphalt drum mix plant process equipment will become the future of road machinery. It is an inevitable trend of the development of asphalt mixing equipment, and improving its measurement accuracy will promote its rapid development. The detailed technical data of asphalt drum mix plant are:
1, Basic form: continuous
2, Production capacity: The rated production capacity is 40-120t/h under rated conditions
3, Fuel consumption: 6.5-7.5kg/ton of fuel is required to produce one ton of finished materials
4, Measurement accuracy: hot aggregate ± 0.5%; asphalt ± 0.3%
5, Aggregate size: ≤25mm
6, Aggregate specific gravity: ≥ 1600kg/m³
7, Aggregate moisture content: ≤5%
8, Hot aggregate temperature: ≤160℃
9, Finished material temperature: 130℃-165℃ (±5℃)
10, Operation mode: automatic / manual control

Product features of asphalt drum mix plant process are:
1, Compact structure, small footprint, can be used in narrow places.
2, Modular structure, easy to install, transport and relocate.
3, The grading bucket is equipped with a load cell and a motor with a frequency converter, which can be controlled remotely, and the proportion of cold aggregate is accurate.
4, The drying drum integrates drying, heating and stirring, with less heat loss; the internal structure is optimized, the heating speed is fast, and the stirring effect is good.
3, Low initial investment and high cost performance.

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