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product asphalt mixing plant
Tar Mixing Plant
Tar Mixing Plant
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Tar mixing plant is a new intermittent operation mixing equipment. Using pairs of short inverted cone-cylinder discharge, central dust of the drop, applicable to medium-scale road construction works, having the following characteristics:

1. Burner has a small new fast ignition, burning completely, thermal efficiency is high.

2. In order to achieve positive inversion roller drying of mineral aggregate and the mixture stirred, novel structure, a good machine overall. Models are small, convenient place transitions.

3. Measurement simple, easy to adjust settings and high accuracy.

4. Mixture temperature adjustment quick and intuitive adjustment of drying time convenient, easy to meet the requirements of different moisture content.

5. Mixture of good quality, whetstone than the uniform, non-weight material segregation, gray material. No aging asphalt.

6. Maintenance simple, easy and convenient, cost less, equipment, and long service life.

7. With PLC control, the failure rate is low, maintenance costs, less convenient and reliable.

8. Applicable to the production of tar sands, asphalt mixture, asphalt gravel.

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