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Small Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Price

2023-04-21 15:18:20

Small asphalt drum mix plant price is relatively low with small modules, quick installation, easy operation, suitable for road paving and maintenance. The small asphalt drum mix plant offer by Haomei Machinery have power of 40-175KW, production capacity of 20-80 Ton/Hour. The drying drum of the drum type asphalt mixing plant integrates the functions of drying, heating and mixing. The cold aggregate enters the non-stop rotating drum from the grading machine through the belt, and is first dried and heated. The asphalt nozzle in the drum continuously sprays asphalt, and after the two are bonded, the mixing is completed with the rotation of the drum. This series of actions continues in the drying drum.

small asphalt drum mix plant price

The capacity of the drum type asphalt mixing plant is relatively small and can only be used for small projects. Due to the lack of accurate measurement, no powder is added, the oil-stone ratio cannot be accurately changed, and the quality of the finished product produced by it is low, which is suitable for low-grade roads. The small asphalt drum mix plant has modular structure, convenient installation, transportation and relocation, small footprint, can be used in narrow places. The operation cost is relatively low, the investment cost is low, the effect is quick, and the cost performance is high. It is especially suitable for countries and regions with rapid development of rural transportation.

The drum type asphalt mixing plant has high cost performance, low small asphalt drum mix plant price, and can be applied to a large number of low-grade roads in rural areas. The models of asphalt drum mix plant in Haomei Machinery are DHB20, DHB40, DHB60, DHB80,, and the equipment start from 100,000 dollars. The project scale is small, the grade is low, there is no high quality requirement, and the environmental protection requirement is not high, so the drum type asphalt mixing plant is a more cost-effective choice.

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