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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Plan

2023-04-28 17:26:12

The pre-construction asphalt batch mix plant plan is very important, reasonable site selection and planning layout can avoid the later transformation, maintenance difficulties and avoid unnecessary costs arising from planning problems, which is very important in the construction of asphalt mixture.

1.Site Selection
The site selection of asphalt batch mix plant plan is very complicated, mainly considering the distance, site, environmental protection and other three requirements.

2.Transportation distance
1). In order to ensure the paving temperature and transport economy, the asphalt batch mix plant and the construction point should not be too large, the temporary asphalt mixing plant selected address should be close to the section of the roadbed, while considering the supply of finished asphalt mixture to adjacent sections, according to environmental traffic and other factors, the maximum radiation range should not exceed 50-100KM.
2). The main raw materials of the asphalt batch mix plant are sand, stone, powder and asphalt, and its fuel is heavy oil or natural gas, the demand distribution of the construction point and the source of materials, supply capacity, transportation conditions and the distribution of the material yard should be considered comprehensively, so that the comprehensive transport distance is the most economical.

asphalt batch mix plant plan

1). The topography is basically flat, and the geological structure is free of fractures, landslides and other geological hazards.
2). The site needs to be located next to the trunk highway, preferably at the intersection of two trunk lines, in order to organize the transportation of raw materials and finished mixes, improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs. In addition, if there is a convenient water transportation system nearby, it is also one of the influencing factors for site planning.
3). Nearby supporting industrial electricity distribution station, municipal gas supply pipeline, etc. will restrict the location and economic benefits of the asphalt mixing station.

4.Environmental protection
1). Site selection of asphalt batch mix plant plan should avoid environmentally sensitive areas (rivers, slopes, reservoirs, drinking water sources and other upstream areas, nature reserves and other areas requiring special protection), and avoid residential areas.
2). When planning the location, the site should be chosen on the downwind side of the dominant wind direction of the industrial area and the residential area, and the plant boundary should be 500m away from the residential area, and avoid the main road and the residential area, so as to reduce the mutual conflict between the material transportation vehicles and the urban traffic.

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