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Portable asphalt batch plant operation after running

2019-06-06 15:43:51

Portable asphalt batch plant is an equipment that used in highway and paving road construction projects with convenient transfer. While use, there are many aspects that the operator should pay attention to. Many operators no longer control the equipment after using the equipment, so it is easy to shorten the service life of the equipment. Today, the portable asphalt batching plant manufacturer Haomei brings you the after-treatment work after the asphalt mixing station is used.

portable asphalt batch plant

Record the abnormal condition of the mobile asphalt batch plant: the record is the key for the engineer to find the problem, and the maintenance and repair of the asphalt mixing plant in time. For example, the motor, the transmission gear, etc. can judge the normality of the sound when they work, if there is If abnormal noise occurs, stop the work of the portable asphalt plant in time and carry out a serious inspection.

Cleaning of mobile asphalt batch plant equipment: After the mixing work is completed, it is not so simple to stop. It is important to clean the inside of the asphalt plant equipment. Because the main mixing material of the portable asphalt mixing plant is asphalt, once it is solidified, it is difficult to clean, causing condensation inside the mixing drum, which will eventually affect the mixing work and aggravate the internal wear of the equipment. Therefore, after using the portable asphalt batch plant, the customer can clean it by himself. The large asphalt mixing plant has an automatic cleaning system, which makes cleaning more convenient.

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