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Asphalt mix plant manufacturer Haomei

2019-05-31 15:17:31

Haomei is an asphalt mix plant manufacturer in China which are specialized in supply asphalt plan with automatic control, realizable running and energy saving. LB series asphalt mixing plants has good reviews on the market, and are widely applied to highway, municipal road, airport and port construction.

asphalt mix plant manufacturer

The equipment features of Haomei LB series asphalt mixing plant are:
1. The structure greatly reduces the floor space of the equipment, and at the same time cancels the lifting mechanism of the finished material trolley and reduces the failure rate of the equipment;
2. Put the bag dust collector on top of the drying roller to reduce heat loss and save fuel and space;
3. The linear vibrating screen driven by the imported vibration motor improves the screening efficiency and reduces the equipment failure rate;
4. The aggregate hoist adopts double-row plate chain lifting, which increases the service life of the hoist and improves the stability of operation;
5. Unique mixing blade design and extraordinary power-driven mixing cylinder make mixing easier, more efficient and reliable;
6. The optimized drying roller lifting plate structure makes the drying system more efficient and stable;
7. The asphalt mix plant manufacturer reserve the interface of the thermal regeneration equipment to increase the thermal regeneration equipment associated with it;
8. Dual-computer dual-control automatic computer / manual control system, with fault self-diagnosis feedback program, making operation simple and safe;
9. Modular design, making handling and installation more convenient.

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