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Hot Mix Plant Working Process

2024-06-07 14:08:56

Hot mix asphalt plant has the advantages of high production efficiency, good asphalt quality, strong construction adaptability, easy operation and low energy consumption, which is a commonly used asphalt concrete production equipment in modern road construction.

hot mix plant working process

The hot mix plant working process generally includes the following steps:
1.Aggregate silo:
First, the aggregate is transported to the aggregate silo by conveyor belt or bucket elevator. Aggregate bin is usually divided into several bins, respectively, to store different specifications and types of aggregate.
2.Aggregate Measurement:
There is a measurement device under the aggregate bin, which is used to accurately measure out the required aggregates to ensure the accuracy of the mix ratio.
3.Asphalt silo:
Asphalt is transported to the asphalt silo through the conveying pipeline, and the asphalt silo is usually equipped with a heating system to ensure the fluidity and temperature of the asphalt.
4.Asphalt metering:
The asphalt metering system is used to accurately measure the amount of asphalt needed to ensure the accuracy of the proportion.
Aggregate and asphalt are measured and then mixed by a mixer. The mixer is usually a twin-shaft or multi-shaft mixer, which can fully mix the aggregate and asphalt to ensure the uniformity and quality of concrete.
6.Control system:
The entire workflow of the hot mix asphalt plant is controlled by the control system, including the measurement of aggregate, asphalt and mixer operation. The control system is usually a PLC control system, which can realize automatic operation and remote monitoring.
7.Finished product discharging:
After mixing is completed, the concrete is discharged via conveyor belt or discharge hopper for paving at the construction site.

In a word, the hot mix plant working process mainly includes the steps of aggregate metering, asphalt metering, mixing and discharging of finished products, etc. By strictly controlling each link, it ensures the quality and stability of asphalt mixture, which can be widely used in the field of roads, bridges, airports and other engineering construction.

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