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Asphalt Plant PDF

2024-05-31 14:24:46

This asphalt plant pdf is the brief introduction of asphalt batching plant including components, working process, types, capacity, models and characteristics. Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment specialized in producing asphalt concrete mixture. It mainly consists of asphalt mixer, aggregate bin, powder bin, control system and so on. Asphalt batch mix plant is usually used in the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels and other projects for the production of asphalt concrete of various specifications to meet the needs of engineering construction.

asphalt plant pdf

The working principle of asphalt mixing plant is to add aggregate, asphalt, powder and other raw materials into the mixer according to a certain proportion for mixing, after a certain time of mixing, the mixture reaches a certain degree of homogeneity, and then the mixture will be transported to trucks for transportation. Asphalt mixing plant has the advantages of high production efficiency, stable production quality and easy operation, so it is widely used in engineering construction.

Equipment classification of asphalt mixing plant:
Classified according to production capacity:
Small: the production rate is below 40t/h.
Medium-sized: production rate of 40-400t/h.
Large-scale: production rate above 400t/h.

Classified by handling method:
Mobile type: silo and mixing pot with its own tires, can be transferred with the construction site, suitable for county and township roads and low-grade highway projects.
Semi-fixed: the equipment is installed on several trailers and assembled at the construction site, mostly used in highway construction.
Fixed type: the equipment operating location is fixed, also known as stationary asphalt mixing plant, applicable to the project is concentrated, urban road construction.

Classified according to the mixing method:
Continuous drum type: the continuous uninterrupted mixing mode of production, heating and drying of aggregate and mixing the mixture in the same drum continuously.
Forced intermittent: the heating and drying of the aggregate and mixing of the mixture is forced cyclical, the equipment is mixed separately in one pot, each pot is mixed for 45 to 60 seconds, the output depends on the model of the equipment.

In summary, as an important road construction equipment, asphalt mixing plant play an important role in guaranteeing the quality of the road, improve construction efficiency.

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