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Mobile Asphalt Stations Models and Features

2024-05-24 15:30:37

The mobile asphalt stations meet the requirements of high efficiency, flexibility, durability and environmental protection. The structural design of mobile asphalt mixing station is generally simple and compact, easy to disassemble and move, and at the same time to ensure the stability and efficiency of the production process.

mobile asphalt stations

The models of the mobile asphalt stations usually starts with YLB, followed by a set of numbers indicating different models and specifications of the asphalt mixing plant. The specific output depends on the different models and configurations of the mobile asphalt mixing plant, which can generally be categorized into small, medium and large asphalt mixing plants. The following are some common YLB mobile asphalt mixing plant models and their corresponding output ranges:
1. YLB500: the output is about 20-40 tons/hour
2. YLB800: output is about 40-60 tons/hour
3.YLB1000: output of about 60-80 tons / hour
4. YLB1500: output about 90-120 tons/hour
3. YLB2000: output about 120-160 tons/hour
These models and output are for reference only, the actual output will be affected by the type of raw materials, mixing time, ambient temperature and other factors. When choosing a mobile asphalt mixing plant, you need to choose the appropriate model and output according to the specific project requirements and production scale.

The structural design of mobile asphalt mixing station usually includes the following main parts:
1.Mixture collection system:
Including asphalt silo, aggregate silo, powder silo, etc., used to store raw materials, to ensure the continuity and stability of the material supply in the production process.
2.Mixing system:
Including mixer, mixing drum, mixing blade, etc., used to mix asphalt, aggregate and powder fully to produce asphalt concrete in line with the requirements.
3.Control system:
Including PLC control system, touch screen operation interface, etc., which is used to monitor and regulate the whole production process to ensure that the quality of asphalt concrete produced is stable.
4.Conveying system:
Including conveyor belt, unloading hopper, etc., which is used to convey the mixed asphalt concrete to the truck or storage equipment.
5.Electrical system:
Including motors, cables, lighting equipment, etc., used to provide power and lighting to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
6.Support structure:
Including support legs, support frames, etc., which are used to support and stabilize the whole equipment to ensure that the equipment does not tilt or shake during the production process.

Mobile asphalt mixing plant has the following unique features:
Mobile asphalt mixing plant can be quickly disassembled and moved, which is suitable for projects that require frequent transfer, saving time and cost.
2.Environmental protection:
Mobile asphalt mixing plant adopts closed design, which reduces environmental pollution and noise pollution and meets the modern environmental protection requirements.
3.High efficiency:
Mobile asphalt mixing plant is equipped with high efficient mixing equipment and control system, which can produce various specifications of asphalt concrete quickly and accurately.
4. Energy-saving:
Mobile asphalt mixing plant adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which can effectively save energy consumption and reduce production costs.
5.Convenient maintenance:
Mobile asphalt mixing plant has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Overall, mobile asphalt stations have the unique features of flexibility, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and convenient maintenance, which is an indispensable and important equipment in modern road construction.

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