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Quality guaranteed asphalt mixing plant mobile

2019-08-29 17:41:24

Asphalt mixing plant mobile type 80-160t/h is very convenient on transportation from one site to another, so it is widely used in highway construction. Haomei has over 20 year experience on provide quality guaranteed mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale, the model type is LBY, while LB series on behalf of stationary asphalt mixing plant type. LBY mobile asphalt plant is welcomed on the market because its equipment model, structure and performance has quite advantages.

asphalt mixing plant mobile

The first advantage is fast device transition. For some long distance road construction like highways, the asphalt plant need to be moveable with the construction site, under this condition, mobile asphalt mixing plant is very suitable. LBY mobile asphalt plant has modular design, convenient transportation, each module according to transportation requirements, not super high, not super wide, making the equipment demolition, transition, such as the installation of equipment as simple, can effectively improve the construction efficiency, and effectively guarantee the construction period of the construction unit Claim. The whole equipment is compact, and the dust-recovering system is combined and placed high. The powder supply system is close to the main building. The whole equipment is compact in structure, space-saving, reasonable in layout and convenient to install.

In addition, a very vibrating screen is used in asphalt mixing plant mobile, which not only obviously improves the working efficiency, but also effectively reduces the probability of malfunction of the mobile asphalt mixing plant equipment. In addition, the mobile asphalt mixing plant uses a bag to remove dust and place it on top of the drum, which can reduce heat loss, save space and improve fuel efficiency.

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