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Recycled Asphalt Product
Recycled Asphalt Product
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The re-use of concrete and asphalt rubble(recycled asphalt product) from demolitions and re-paving projects has become the responsible thing to do. There is no need for these materials to fill up landfills when they can be turned into a usable product. Roady is committed to doing its part to facilitate the re-use of these waste products.

Adjacent to the Timberland Rd. depot RDM Enterprises accepts concrete and asphalt rubble(recycled asphalt product)  and processes it into a saleable product, which Roady then markets and sells through the Timberland depot. Roady accepts concrete and asphalt rubble (free from organics, steel and other deleterious products) at the No 5 Rd. depot. Roady then hires a contract crusher to come in to the 5 Rd. depot, as required, to produce saleable materials from the rubble which Roady then markets and sells from the site.

Currently Mainland does not separate the concrete and asphalt into different finished products, preferring to blend the two materials making a final product that consists of a mix of both.

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