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product asphalt mixing plant
low price asphalt mix plant
low price asphalt mix plant
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Low price asphalt mix plant overall adopts structure of the container modular design, easy disassembly quick and efficient transition; Dedusting system uses inertial dust and atmospheric blowback secondary baghouse dust collector, high environmental performance; applicable to any fuel burner; five aggregate screening; finished silo selection under the home, small footprint. The device is suitable for any level of asphalt concrete pavement construction, maintenance, and maintenance requirements.

low price asphalt mix plant features:

1. Inertial+back-blowing type bag filter

2. Highly eco-friendly

3. burner with any kinds of fuel

4. Germany 6-class aggregate screening

5. Side-installed or underneath-type finished- product storage hoppers

low price asphalt mix plant application:

construction, maintenance and repair of sphalt concrete pavement

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