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Asphalt Mixing Plant Zimbabwe
Asphalt Mixing Plant Zimbabwe
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1. superior environmental and economic performance

Adopting color Board closed packaging, coupled with efficient use of pulse bag dust removal system, the true realization of Humanized environment the environmental work; machine thermal system design and optimization of power system using science, combined with excellent precision weighing systems, in terms of fuel consumption, electricity use has the best quality, reduce production costs, realized the true meaning of energy conservation and consumption reduction.

2. module structure

Units a modular, compact and reasonable layout, Assembly, demolition, quick and easy.

3. efficient screening system

For source synchronous dual-axis inertial vibration Exciter on vibration screening machine, overcome the influence of high temperature on the vibrator, a low failure rate, easy maintenance, turn the bezel you can get different size ranges of hot aggregate without the need to replace the screen.

4. large capacity cooling hopper

Large-capacity hopper cold, open wide, easy to feed, no mixing, and discharge after front width is narrow, guarantee the flow of the cooling aggregate.

5. the bottom-mounted storage bin

Used end of reset type storage warehouse structure, this species structure belongs to mix collection floor and silo upper and lower layout of stereo of design, abandoned has general meaning Shang of upgrade track, and winch and provides run fault rate high of problem, structure compact accounted for to area small, improve has equipment of run stability and security; while big capacity of design, can effective to solution for transport car with not Shang or assessment Pu machine occurred fault, reasons caused mixing equipment continuous work, important of is is also can convenient to Regulation assessment Pu speed, to guarantee has engineering quality. Mounted storage bin at the end of not only the timely removal of the mixing of the mixture, but the mixing temperature loss is very small, is mixing machine ideal structure.

6. the efficiency of bag dust removal

High efficiency of pulse inverse blow bag filter, high efficiency, carbon concentration can be controlled within 34.5mg/Nm3 cold case of aggregate moisture content is less than 5%, only 6.5kg/t fuel consumption rate, low energy consumption up to the international advanced level.

7. Advanced primary distribution and drying system

Cold early with selection of chain plate type variable-frequency adjustable-speed mixing machine, rugged, accurate and reliable. Drying drum skin stainless steel thermal insulation, four wheel drive, rear smoke box unique muffler design.

8. surface anti-corrosion properties

All exposed surfaces of the machine for blasting and paint our appearance and anti-corrosion properties and durability.

9. stable and reliable control systems

Leading industrial computer and the perfect combination of touch screen and PLC, two sets of control systems can be realized, and dependent on each other, and supporting the key components of complete selection of international brands, strong guarantee stability and high reliability of equipment operation.

10. the number of patented technology used

The comprehensive application of patented technologies, greatly improving performance indicators for the device.

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