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Road-building machinery to solve problems and measures

2016-04-13 17:06:27

1. establish and perfect the management mechanism

Must establish and improve the market management mechanisms and implementation. Perfecting the cashes mechanism of rewards and punishments, rewards and punishments fairly, and even higher than that of penal institutions, everyone rushed out, together, formed the full Senate's machinery management mode.

Road-building machinery to solve problems and measures

2. deepening the reform of the Organization

Device management is a part of the whole enterprise should be full participation in work and not just the few, leading one's command. You want to change the parent of the current-style, one-man management and division, collaboration, joint management, clear responsibilities, management science. Formation of enterprise equipment management decision making meetings, management of the minority subordinate to the majority. While the device management role to play the entire team and everyone can participate together in mutual supervision, to remind each other, one prosperity, harmed, enhance the awareness of our team.

3. standard mechanical equipment management of investee

(1) establish and improve the asphalt production line equipment management file. Perfect file system is indispensable to the management of important links. Not only to understand the existing situation, mobility, equipment performance, but also to the timely implementation of maintenance and repair, equipment potentials into full play. Build devices record card, accounting and technical archives, use of equipment, maintenance, and other original records, mechanical performance, technical information, energy consumption and other objective response, main technical data for accurate machinery and equipment, mechanical equipment is an important basis for management and accounting.

(2) machinery and equipment maintenance. In order to improve the availability and use of machinery and equipment rates, longevity, you need to attach great importance to maintenance of machinery and equipment. Maintenance of machinery and equipment throughout the entire construction process, should take the "prevention first, much less" principle, recognize the importance of maintenance and strengthening of routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and special maintenance. Mechanical maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastened, corrosion, also known as "cross operations."

(3) establish the rules and regulations. Sound regulatory framework is the fundamental guarantee for the survival and development of enterprises. In mechanical equipment management, strictly implement the "human, machine, set up" "three" management system, machine () long accountability, single cycle accounting rules and regulations, to maximize the mechanical efficiency, increase equipment availability and utilization, to create a good economic benefits.

(4) to strengthen economic management of the mechanical equipment. The economics and management of mechanical equipment, it boils down to in order to save the capital and increase economic efficiency. Established the assessment, rating system, regulating all types of accounts, records, introducing incentive mechanism of equipment use and maintenance, and mechanical management of important ways and means.

Construction engineering management should be market-oriented, that provide engineering services in the form, for the project to provide good technical condition of machinery and equipment. Project cost accounting cost of machinery and equipment can be listed separately, as costs of the project, and this cost as the total revenue cost of maintenance management, implementation of higher level comprehensive planning, basic accounting methods. This way maintenance management departments into full play tubes, use, support, and repair functions, not only energy and mechanical single accounting a good combination, and effective measures to ensure that the asset value.

4. strengthen personnel skills, technical training

Company goal is to maximize the economic benefits of, and the improvement of economic efficiency depends on the improvement of enterprises ' productivity and production efficiency. Therefore the asphalt plant operator is closely related to the technical level and quality and economic efficiency of enterprises. High-tech, high-performance modern equipment, equipment management, operation and maintenance technology of high quality requirements. Therefore, the need to strengthen technical, skills training for all categories of personnel, carry out various types of specialized training, training must be line with the actual situation of the unit's equipment and devices for later may have maintenance and repair set up management teams. Same time or periodic assessment for all categories of personnel, linked with the economic benefits, both to improve the overall quality and to improve employee motivation and ownership.

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