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What are the main features of mobile asphalt drum mix plant

2019-07-11 15:59:34

Mobile asphalt drum mix plant equipment is an ideal equipment for small and medium-sized road construction and maintenance. The models of mobile asphalt mixing plant are LBY1000 and LBY2000, which production capacity are 80 and 160ton/hr. Mobile asphalt mix plant mainly has the following structural components, drying system, oil/gas burner, dust removal system, vibrating screen, metering system, hybrid system and intelligent control system.

mobile asphalt drum mix plant

In order to facilitate modern road construction and meet the actual needs of more users, mobile asphalt mixing plants have gradually emerged in the market. What are the different characteristics of mobile asphalt mixing plants compared to the stationary asphalt mixing plant?
First of all, we can see from its name. One of the highlights of mobile asphalt mixing plant is that it is more convenient to move. It is mainly designed by modules, which makes the handling of the surface safer and more convenient.
Secondly, the design has also been greatly improved, making the production work easier and more efficient. For example, the mixing blade of the mobile asphalt mixing plant has a unique design, and the power-driven mixing cylinder enhances the efficiency of the mixing work. At the same time, mobile asphalt drum mix plant equipment also optimizes the lifting of aggregates and adopts double typesetting to increase the service life of the hoist and make it run more stable and reliable.

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