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Mini Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

2024-01-19 17:18:22

Mini hot mix asphalt plant has the advantages of low cost, high flexibility, easy operation, environmental protection and energy saving, which is suitable for small engineering projects. When choosing, you need to consider the model of hot mix asphalt plant according to the specific project needs and budget, and choose the configuration that suits you.

mini hot mix asphalt plant

Mini hot mix asphalt plant has the following advantages:
Low investment cost:
Compared with large scale hot mix asphalt plant, the investment cost of small hot mix asphalt plant is lower, which can meet the needs of small scale engineering projects and reduce the initial investment cost.
High flexibility:
Mini hot mix asphalt plant covers a small area, easy to move, can be moved at any time according to the different construction sites, adaptability.
Simple operation:
Small hot mix asphalt plant has simple structure, easy operation, and relatively low cost of personnel training and equipment maintenance.
Environmental protection and energy saving:
Compared with the traditional large-scale hot mix asphalt plant, the energy consumption of mini hot mix asphalt plant is low, which can reduce the production cost and environmental pollution.
Suitable for a variety of production needs:
Small hot mix asphalt plant can be configured according to different production needs, able to produce asphalt concrete of different specifications and uses, to meet the diversified needs of the market.

The common models and outputs of hot mix asphalt mixing plant are as follows:
LQB800 type: the output is 40-50 tons/hour.
LQB1000 type: output is 50-80 tons/hour.
LQB1500 type: the output is 80-120 tons/hour.
LQB2000: output is 120-160 tons/hour.
LQB3000 type: output is more than 240 tons/hour.
The actual output may be affected by a variety of factors, such as the quality of raw materials, equipment operating conditions. It is recommended to adjust and optimize according to the specific situation in the actual application.

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