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Hot mix plant for road construction

2019-11-22 16:22:42

Hot mix plant for road construction is an important equipment in highway construction. In the production, the electrical system work is reliable, which determines whether the asphalt hot mix plant can be produced normally. The installation of asphalt mixing plant is mainly from basic aspects, including basic fabrication, mechanical metal structure installation, electrical system installation and commissioning, asphalt heating and pipe installation. The mechanical metal structure can be installed in one step under the conditions of the foundation, and it is rarely adjusted and modified in the future production. Asphalt heating and partial installation of the pipeline are mainly for asphalt heating services, and the installation workload is mainly determined by the equipment for storing and heating the asphalt.

hot mix plant for road construction

Regardless of whether the asphalt station is installed or relocated to a new site installation, the personnel and maintenance personnel engaged in electrical installation must first familiarize with the control mode and principle of the entire electrical system in conjunction with the working process of the hot mix asphalt plant, familiar with the distribution of the system and some key control devices. When wiring, according to the installation position of the drawing and the electrical component, the peripheral part is concentrated to the control unit or the periphery to the control room one by one, the arrangement of the cable should select a suitable path, and the weak electric cable and the strong electric signal cable are arranged in a slot.

The electrical system of the asphalt hot mix plant includes strong electricity, weak electricity, AC, DC, digital signals and analog signals. In order to allow these electrical signals to be transmitted, the control units or electrical components can output the correct control signals in time and can drive The stability of the connection of the various actuators and the electrical circuit has a great influence. Therefore, in the installation process, the connection of each wiring and the installation and fastening of electrical components should be done.

The main control units of the asphalt hot mix plant for road construction generally use industrial computer or PLC (programmable logic controller). Their control process is basically that after the internal circuit detects the electrical input signal in accordance with the logical relationship, it outputs the electrical signal in a logical relationship in time. Drive the relay or other electrical unit or component. These relatively detailed components work generally relatively reliable. If there is a fault during operation or debugging, first check whether the relevant input signals are input correctly, and then check whether the output signals that are required to be transmitted are not, and whether they are output according to logic requirements. In general, as long as the input signal is reliable and logically required, the output signal will be output according to the programming requirements unless the terminal (wiring board) is loose or the peripheral components and lines associated with these control units are faulty. Of course, in some cases, component damage or a board failure may occur in the unit.

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