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Estimated Cost of Building An Asphalt Mixing Plant

2023-03-03 18:01:57

The efficiency of China's infrastructure industry is very fast. High-rise buildings and roads have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. The mileage of roads and railways is also increasing. They also promote the development of the infrastructure industry. For example, roads need to be paved with asphalt, and the use of asphalt mixing plants is inseparable at this time. So, how much is the estimated cost of building an asphalt mixing plant?

estimated cost of building an asphalt mixing plant

The estimated cost of building an asphalt mixing plant is not a equipment investment, there are other cost need to be considered together.
1, Venue fee
The ground rent of the asphalt mixing plant investment institute ranges from 5 to 15 dollars per square meter, here is talking about various houses that are directly used for production or supporting production, including mixing sites, auxiliary rooms and auxiliary facilities. In addition to the site used for production, the courtyard of the asphalt mixing plant also includes its auxiliary buildings. If you are simply looking for an empty space, the fee is relatively small.
2, Site construction fee
The construction estimated cost of building an asphalt mixing plant includes the materials, labor, machinery, etc. required for the construction project. Indirect costs include regulatory costs and corporate management costs. The countermeasure cost includes civil engineering cost, temporary facility cost, night construction cost, material secondary transportation cost, completion cleaning cost, scaffolding cost, etc. Fees include fees charged by government departments. Project sewage charges, project metering charges. Construction costs include land costs, construction costs, equipment costs and capital costs.
3, Equipment cost
I don't know what is the model of the asphalt mixing plant you are going to built, the standard configuration of a 5000-type asphalt mixing plant in the south is about 2 million, but now the environmental protection requirements are relatively high, and many will directly choose a high configuration asphalt mixing plant.
4, Water and electricity costs
The water and electricity cost of the asphalt mixing plant is about 6,000 dollars. A 50 person asphalt mixing plant can use about 8,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month.
5, Staff salary
The asphalt mixing plant needs a lot of people, and the investment is relatively large. If the funds are not sufficient, you should think about the following. Some projects like to owe money. If the cash flow is not sufficient, the result can be imagined!

The five fees of estimated cost of building an asphalt mixing plant mentioned above are for reference only! There are many factors that affect the construction of asphalt mixing plants. It mainly depends on the individual's choice. If the funds are sufficient, a relatively large one will be built. If the funds are relatively small, a smaller one will be built, and then slowly expanded later.

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