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Cost Of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

2022-11-11 17:51:36

With the development of my country's transportation industry, the demand for asphalt is huge, so how much is the investment cost of asphalt batch mix plant? The following will give you an analysis.

cost of asphalt batch mix plant

1, Venue rent
For an asphalt batching mixing plant, the most basic requirements need to have a suitable site. The area of the site should be large enough to meet the placement of daily equipment and the normal passage of asphalt transport vehicles. Therefore, the site rental costs 50,000 dollars per year. About yuan, the specific still needs the actual operating area to calculate.

2, Cost of asphalt batch mix plant equipment
The most indispensable part of an asphalt batch mix plant is various processing equipment. Asphalt can be produced normally only with the equipment. Therefore, when investing in an asphalt mixing plant, you need to choose mixing equipment with different output according to your own economic situation. The general equipment cost is between 1 million and 2 million dollars.

3, Material cost
Before the normal production of the asphalt mixing plant, a large amount of raw materials need to be purchased, and the corresponding asphalt should be produced according to its own order. Order demand, so it needs to spend 100,000-200,000 dollars.

4, Labor costs
For an asphalt mixing plant, although it has production equipment and raw materials, it still needs a large number of employees to operate. Therefore, the labor cost of the asphalt mixing plant also needs to be considered. The specific number of personnel needs to be based on the size of the site. Generally, It is necessary to prepare about 2- 4 million dollars.

5, Other expenses
In addition to the above items that must be spent, it is also necessary to consider the operating cost of asphalt batch mix plant, water and electricity costs, qualification processing costs, and the company's backup funds, etc., which cost about 40,000 dollars.

The above is a breakdown of the specific cost of asphalt batch mix plant investment. In summary, the investment needs to spend 0.5-1 million dollars, depending on the size of the asphalt mixing plant.

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