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Batching Plant Asphalt

2021-10-28 15:17:24

Batching plant asphalt equipment is used for mass production of asphalt with productivity of 40-400 tons per hour. Due to the influence of various factors in the production and processing process, some problems will inevitably occur after using the equipment for a period of time. There may be a lack of relevant handling experience in this regard, which may cause damage to the equipment. As an asphalt batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery will briefly introduce the method of remediation of damaged parts in the asphalt mixing plant equipment.

batching plant asphalt

When the batching plant asphalt is shut down, the drying drum induced draft fan dust removal system will continue to run for about 5 minutes after reaching the shutdown conditions, and then all shut down. This is mainly to allow the drying drum to fully dissipate heat, so as not to cause the drum to deform due to excessive temperature shutdown. At the same time, the operation of the dust removal system of the induced draft fan reduces the dust adhering to the cloth belt, thereby reducing the influence of the dust on the air permeability of the cloth belt due to moisture. After the burner in the asphalt mixing plant is ignited, wait until the exhaust gas temperature reaches 100°C before starting to load the cold material. If the material is loaded prematurely, heating the cold aggregate when there is still moisture in the cloth bag will cause the moisture and bone dust in the cloth bag to stick together, which will block the air gap of the cloth bag and affect the dust removal effect of the cloth belt.

The disassembled parts of batching plant asphalt should be cleaned up and rust-proof in time and stored at the designated location. After the asphalt batching plant equipment is disassembled and assembled, the site and waste should be cleaned up in time. In order to realize the safety of the asphalt mixing plant equipment, suitable equipment should be selected during disassembly, and destructive disassembly is not allowed. The disassembled bolts, nuts and positioning pins should be screwed back or inserted back into their original positions immediately after being greased to avoid confusion and loss.

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