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Asphalt Mixing Plant Site Planning

2023-05-19 16:19:17

The asphalt mixing plant site planning should be scientific and reasonable, comprehensively considered, and overall consideration. Based on the principle of "economical and practical, relatively independent, easy to manage, convenient for construction, safe and environmentally friendly", taking into account the scale and production capacity of the asphalt mixing plant, set a reasonable capacity of finished material silo and the number of asphalt storage tanks, etc., maximize the utilization and effectiveness of the site, and meet the production needs as much as possible.

asphalt mixing plant site planning

The regional division of asphalt mixing plant site planning. The asphalt mixing plant should be reasonably divided into office area, living area and production area according to the principle of "separation of three areas". The production area of asphalt mixing plant equipment should be set up in different areas, including stone stacking area, mixing operation area, material measurement area, and other supporting areas. All areas are closely connected, and the roads in the site are connected, which is convenient for transportation, reduces secondary transportation and transportation distance, and facilitates construction. At the same time, they are relatively independent and does not interfere with each other; dangerous areas such as asphalt tank farms, heavy oil tank farms, and power distribution rooms are separated from other areas isolation.

The asphalt mixing plant site planning is separated from the external wall and is safe and independent; each area is independently arranged according to functional requirements and is convenient for expansion. Considering factors such as the volume ratio of the overall site, fire safety, convenient production, and environmental protection, the layout is uniformly optimized according to the specific site conditions.

1. Layout of stone storage area
The storage capacity of the quarry should be determined according to the transportation distance of the stone and the output of the equipment. Generally, the storage of stone can meet the needs of normal production for seven days or more; the layout of the quarry should consider the transportation distance of the forklift; The type and construction gradation are determined, generally no less than 5 warehouses; the layout of the warehouse should consider the entry and exit of stone transport vehicles; it needs to be specially explained that the stockyard should be equipped with rainproof and sunshade devices, and the layout of the warehouse should consider the factory building build.

2. Layout of mixing operation area
2.1 Layout of asphalt mixing plant
The layout of asphalt mixing plant equipment should be based on equipment configuration and site shape; consideration should be given to equipment maintenance, and the location of cranes, forklifts and other vehicles should be reserved; equipment expansion should be considered, such as regeneration, warm mixing, wood fiber, workshops, etc.

2.2 Asphalt system layout
The amount of asphalt storage should be determined according to the distance of asphalt transportation and the output of equipment. Generally, asphalt storage can meet the needs of normal production for three days or more; consider the unloading position of asphalt and fuel, and reserve the entry and exit of asphalt vehicles and fuel vehicles; consider Pay attention to the safe distance and safe position for the placement of heat transfer oil; consider the expansion of the asphalt system, and reserve expansion positions, such as emulsified asphalt equipment, modified asphalt equipment, and additional asphalt tanks.

2.3 Powder system layout
It is advisable to consider the route and location of the powder powder tanker, as well as the disposal method of waste powder (recycled powder) (such as picking up by tanker, or humidifying and stirring to discharge), so as not to affect the passage of production and transportation vehicles.

3. Material measurement area
Including the weighbridge and the weighing room, the position of the weighing scale should be arranged according to the actual situation, and the weighing room should be set on the right side of the main direction of the weighing car.

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