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Asphalt Mixing Plant Process

2022-10-28 18:05:18

The asphalt mixing plant process include weighing, batching, heating, frying, charging, mixing and discharging.
1, Ignite the drying drum and increase the temperature of the dust chamber first. At this time, the size of the accelerator depends on various specific conditions, such as weather, temperature, mixing material gradation, aggregate moisture content, dust chamber temperature, and hot aggregate. The temperature and the condition of the asphalt mixing plant equipment itself, etc., the flame at this time must be manually controlled.
2, After each part reaches the appropriate temperature, start adding aggregate, and pay attention to whether the transportation of each belt is normal.
3, When the aggregate is transported to the aggregate weighing hopper, pay attention to observe whether the difference between the reading of the load cell and the rated value is within the allowable range. If the difference is large, corresponding measures should be taken.
4, Prepare the loading locomotive at the waste (overflow) material port, and pour the waste (overflow) material outside the site.
5, The increase of output should be carried out gradually. After comprehensive analysis of various factors, appropriate output should be produced to prevent overload production.
6, When the production is stable, various data displayed by the instrument should be recorded, such as temperature, air pressure, current, etc.

asphalt mixing plant process

Characteristics of asphalt mixing plant are:
1, The control module design scheme makes transportation and safety more convenient and convenient;
2, The design of the mixing blade is different. The mixing cylinder driven by a very driving force makes mixing easier, more reliable and more efficient;
3, Imported vibrating motor and high-frequency vibrating screen are selected to further improve the efficiency and reduce the failure rate of mechanical equipment;
4, There is no ash removal to avoid the drying process, and it is placed on the top of the drum to reduce the outflow of heat and save indoor space and natural materials;
5, The bottom-mounted structure of the hopper is relatively relative, thereby greatly reducing the total area of ​​the special equipment, and at the same time canceling the finished product car lane to improve the indoor space and reduce the equipment failure rate;
6, The improvement of stone material and the selection of double layout design improves the service life of the bucket elevator and improves the operation reliability;
7, The multi-machine automatic remote control computer/manual automatic control system is selected, and the process of automatic diagnosis procedures for common faults is easy to use and safe.

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