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Asphalt Mix Plant 40 Ton

2021-02-24 16:54:52

Asphalt mix plant 40 ton is a kind of small asphalt mixing plant equipment model that is mostly used in road construction. With the development of society, the country has begun to pay more and more attention to road construction, so asphalt mixing plant equipment has gradually received attention. People should all know that no matter what the country is, the concept of energy saving, emission reduction and sustainable development is being advocated. Asphalt mixing equipment is no exception. It needs to actively respond to the call of the society. Then what should asphalt mixing equipment adopt for energy saving and emission reduction technical improvement?

asphalt mix plant 40 ton

First of all, if the asphalt mix plant 40 ton equipment is in the process of burning, the coefficient of air can be increased as much as possible, so that the material can be burned more fully, and higher chemical performance can be obtained. In addition to air, you can also reduce the heat dissipation area, so that the heat utilization rate can be effectively improved. The combination of these two methods can save energy as much as possible.

Secondly, if the asphalt mixing plant wants to save energy and reduce emissions, it can also improve the production process of the asphalt mixture. Generally speaking, the temperature of the mixture can reach about 100 degrees Celsius, and users can use it to emulsify the asphalt. The energy aspect is another good role.

When using asphalt mix plant 40 ton equipment, in addition to the above points, which can be used for energy saving and emission reduction, users can also consider improving the working principle of the mixing equipment. You can choose different mixing equipment according to the actual situation. In terms of aspect, it can be greatly improved.

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