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Temperature control of asphalt drum mixing plant

2017-09-21 16:39:30

The temperature of the asphalt drum mixing plant mixture is one of the criteria for the conformity assessment of the mixture. The temperature is too high or too low can make the mix material to be waste and can not be used. So how to control the temperature is one of the basic skills that the operator should have.

asphalt drum mixing plant

Factors that affect the temperature of the mix are fuel quality and moisture content. If the fuel quality is poor, the calorific value is low, the combustion is not sufficient, it will cause the stone heating instability and low temperature, the residue remains in the mixture, seriously affecting the quality of the mixture. If the fuel viscosity and impurity content are too large, it will cause ignition difficulties, pipeline blockage, the temperature is difficult to control. Raw material moisture content of asphalt drum mixing plant is another factor affecting the temperature. If the raw materials water content is large and uneven, in the production process, the stone heating temperature is difficult to control, in addition the combustion system technology, fuel oil pump pressure, and fuel injection amount are related to the temperature of the mixture. The combustion system wear, leakage, plug and other failures make the parts can not maintain the original performance, resulting in lower system pressure, fuel supply instability, atomization combustion effect is poor, seriously affecting the stirring temperature. So experienced operators should be able to accurately determine the fuel quality, the dry wet degree of raw materials, as well as the combustion system work, find the problem in time to take appropriate measures.

Although the current mixing equipment has the ability to control the temperature automatically, but because from the temperature detection to add or subtract the flame to adjust the temperature need a process, so the temperature control is with hysteresis. In order to ensure that the asphalt mixing plant without waste, the operator should carefully observe the change rate of temperature, predict the results of temperature changes in advance, and manually add or subtract fuel or increase the amount of feed to control the temperature changes, make it does not exceed the prescribed range, thereby reducing or eliminating waste.

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