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Asphalt Batch Plant Parts

2022-07-15 17:44:03

The quality, progress and economic benefits of pavement construction are closely related to the proper application of asphalt batch plant parts. The maintenance of road construction machinery and equipment such as asphalt mixing plant is a necessary condition for the completion of production and manufacturing tasks. The foundation engineering of contemporary highway construction enterprises is the key issue of foundation engineering construction of contemporary highway construction enterprises. Today, the author will share with you how to correctly apply asphalt mixing equipment for road construction.

asphalt batch plant parts

Reasonable arrangement of asphalt mixing plant equipment for road construction to give full play to its function is the regulation of road foundation engineering construction companies, and maintenance and repair are a necessary condition for improving the economic benefits of asphalt batching plants. In recent years, in the basic construction process of road machinery automation, according to the standard of equal emphasis on application and maintenance, mechanical asphalt batch plant parts equipment is highly valued in the construction process, and the maintenance of mechanical asphalt batch plant equipment is not emphasized. A lot of easy-to-see problems were overlooked, resulting in some minor problems becoming big problems, and some prematurely broken. This not only greatly increases the maintenance cost of the asphalt mixing plant, but also increases the construction period, some of which may lead to construction quality problems.

For such a matter, the maintenance content of the asphalt batch plant parts management and maintenance method is formulated, and the implementation is urged. At the end of each month, mandatory maintenance is carried out for 2-3 days, for key parts of asphalt batching plant, weekly check is required, which is convenient to deal with many common faults before they occur.

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