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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Process

2024-03-15 16:36:33

The asphalt batch mix plant process mainly involves aggregate handling, asphalt handling, batching and weighing, mixing, storage of finished products and control system.

asphalt batch mix plant process


This batch mix plant process will be explained in detail below:
Aggregate processing:
First, sand and gravel materials are loaded into the corresponding cold silos by loaders according to different specifications and particle sizes. The cold silo conveys the sand and gravel materials to the drying drum through the aggregate belt and loading belt according to the primary distribution. Inside the drying drum, the gravel is dried, heated and dusted to remove excess moisture and impurities.
Asphalt handling:
At the same time, an asphalt supply system prepares the heated asphalt for subsequent mixing with the aggregate.
Batching and weighing:
After drying and de-dusting, the hot aggregate is conveyed by a hot aggregate elevator to a vibrating screen. The vibrating screen sieves the hot aggregate into multiple grades according to the screen sizes of different particle sizes and deposits them into the corresponding hot bins. Then, according to the design ratio, the hot aggregates of different sizes are put into the aggregate scale in batches in the order of smallest and then largest for cumulative measurement to realize the fine grading. Meanwhile, the mineral powder is also weighed into the powder scale according to the design ratio.
After weighing, the aggregate, asphalt and mineral powder are put into the mixer for forced mixing according to the sequence. During the mixing process, the various materials are fully mixed to form a uniform asphalt mixture.
Finished product storage:
After mixing, the asphalt mixture is transported to the finished product silo for storage by hopper, or directly unloaded into the asphalt material transportation truck for transportation to the site for use.
Control system:
The whole working process of the asphalt mixing plant is monitored and managed by the central control system. The central controller sends out the start-up command and controls the operation of each unit to ensure the accurate proportioning of aggregate, asphalt and mineral powder and the smooth running of the mixing process.

To summarize, through asphalt batch mix plant process can produce asphalt mixture that meets the project requirements through reasonable aggregate proportioning and mixing operation, providing high-quality materials for road construction and other fields.

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