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DM 50 Hot Mix Plant

2023-11-17 15:36:17

DM 50 hot mix plant is a model of hot mix drum asphalt mixing plant. It adopts hot mixing technology to mix and blend asphalt and aggregate at high temperature, and then convey them to asphalt concrete paver for paving. This kind of hot mix asphalt plant is characterized by high efficiency, reliability and automation, which can improve the production efficiency and quality of asphalt concrete. Hot mix plant DM50 is suitable for various scales of road construction and maintenance projects, which is one of the important equipments for modern transportation construction.

 DM50 hot mix plant

The performance of DM50 hot mix plant is excellent, DM50 hot mix drum asphalt mixing plant has the following advantages:

High degree of automation:

DM50 hot mix asphalt plant adopts advanced control system and sensor technology, which can realize fully automatic control and operation, reducing manual intervention and operation difficulty.

High production efficiency:

DM50 hot mix plant adopts highly efficient mixing system and conveying device, which can quickly and accurately complete the production and transportation of asphalt and improve production efficiency.

High reliability:

DM50 hot mix asphalt plant adopts high-quality parts and materials, which are strictly tested and inspected to have high reliability and long service life.

Easy to use:

Hot mix plant DM50 adopts humanized design, easy to operate and understand, easy to maintain, and can meet the needs of different users.


DM50 hot mix plant not only has mixing function, but also equipped with dust removal, heat preservation, drying and other functions, which can meet various complex needs.


All in all, DM50 hot mix plant has significant advantages in automation, productivity, reliability, ease of use and so on. In addition, Hot mix plant DM50 also has the function of one-key operation, which can simplify the operation process and improve work efficiency. It can meet the needs of road construction and maintenance projects of various scales.

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