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Features of LD105 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

2017-04-21 16:37:57

 Features of LD105 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

1.Cold material supplying system: frequency control, reliable performance; modular compact design, easy to transport.

2. Belt feeding system: filter screen, no vibration, less dust spill, less heat loss. Special design will avoid blocking hot aggregate hoist or vibrating screen.

3. Drying drum: There is a 50mm thick insulation layer on the outer wall of the drying drum. In the inner, there are amount of extraction leaves which can help aggregate and flame heat exchange. Four wheel friction drive, smooth transmission and uniform force.

4. Coal combustion system: dynamically control coal supplying with frequency control device according to the hot aggregate temperature.

5. Hot Aggregate Hoist: Double-row plate chain sliding hoist, friction drive, discharging with a special structure to reduce wear and noise.

6. Dust removal system

8. Powder supply system of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant: In order to control the impulse, to equip with a butterfly valve on the screw conveyor outlet.

9. Air system: Germany FESTO solenoid valve and cylinder, with reliable performance and long service life.

10. Asphalt supply system: to heat asphalt with hovering hot air pipe. In order to discharge the asphalt easily, placing the asphalt tank below the ground level.

11. Electrical control system

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