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The Classification of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

2017-03-31 11:16:46


 According to the different working process, the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant can be divided into continuous drum asphalt mixing plant and Intermittent compulsory asphalt mixing plant.

The continuous Asphalt Drum Mix Plant adopt the Continuous uninterrupted mixing process, to heat, dry and mix the aggregate in the same drum.

Intermittent compulsory Asphalt Drum Mix Plant: The heat and dry and mix of aggregate is processed in a periodic cycle. To mix the aggregate separately pot by pot. Each mixing process will take 45-60 seconds.

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is often divided into Continuous drum asphalt mixing plant and Intermittent compulsory asphalt mixing plant.

The Features of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:

1. Modular structure design to be transported and assembled easily

2. Special mixing blades and mixing tank make the mixing process easy, reliable and high efficiency.

3. Imported the Vibration sieve net which is driven by Vibrating motor, and greatly improve the mixing performance and efficiency and decrease the fault rate of mobile asphalt mixing plant.

4. To set the dust filter on the top of drum to decrease the loss of heat and save the space and fuel.

5. To adopt the double row lifting will increase the service life of lift motor and reliability.

6. Two microcomputer full automation control and Manual control system with the Automatic fault diagnosis program and easy to operate safely.

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